Your SMB needs to Identify, Trace, Count or perform a combination of these actions On The Go?
We have a Hoockit™ solution matching your requirements leanly and within budget.
Below is a set of use cases we have derived from our extensive market survey.
If none of them fits, we'll be delighted to customized the right solution for you.

Worker Activity Monitoring,
for pratical Customer Information and Operation Control.
Worker Monitoring
Returning Customer Identification,
for effortless Information and Rewarding.
Customer Fidelity
Realtime Geo-Tracking,
to follow any Parcel from Pickup to Delivery.
Personal Beacon,
for fast Meeting Point Homing.
Meeting Point
  • 1 Hoockit™ Mobile Device
  • Unlimited Service Access
  • Email Support
  • Free Service Updates
  • 10 Complimentary NFC Tags
  • Internet Access
  • Basic GSM network coverage
  • Web Browser
  • Credit Card, PayPal or Amazon Account
Launch Price* (Ex-tax) : 249 euro or 24.99 euro /month
*First Year